Featured Product: Code 3 XCEL Siren

Sirens are an important part of your daily routine, and you need a unit you can rely on. The Code 3 XCEL siren is designed and manufactured in the U.S., and its features that make it easy for you to use. 
The 3-level slide switch can be programmed three ways to give options when configuring your siren. You can also latch auxiliary buttons to level outputs, which allows you to keep your eyes on the road instead of fiddling with your siren. You can even adjust the backlighting of the buttons to your preference.
Other features include:
  • 5 rotary switch positions – standby, wail, yelp, alt tone and radio broadcast
  • Oversized manual wail and air horn sirens for in-the-moment use
  • 6 programmable auxiliary buttons
We invite you to test-drive the XCEL siren, as well as our other Code 3 products, here at D.R. Ebel. If you’re looking for a specific Code 3 product you don’t see in our inventory, let us know. We can order any product we don’t have in stock from the manufacturer.

Trusted Manufacturer: Code 3

When it comes to lightbars and sirens, no other manufacturer has more options for your police, fire or EMS vehicles than Code 3.

Code 3 lightbars and sirens are also commonly used in the governmental, DOT and construction industries to increase motorist awareness and keep personnel safe.

We're proud to carry Code 3 products because the company is dedicated to innovation. Their equipment designers immerse themselves in real-world situations on ride-alongs, and they conduct interviews with duty officers. The engineers use that information to isolate potential problems and develop lighting and siren solutions to mitigate danger.

Some of their recent innovations include:

  • TriCore technology – the brightest lighting technology available
  • PriZim II Dual Reflector technology – provides a brighter signal for superior visibility and safety
  • Siris LED technology – latest LED technology available
  • LED X optical technology – bright, high-visibility signals from both straight and angled views

Code 3 also developed the first two-level light bar, the MX7000, and the first integrated directional lighting system, the ArrowStik.

Plus, Code 3 lighting and siren products are some of the most durable on the market. They maintain their quality standards through rigorous laboratory and field testing. If their products experience user issues or failure during the testing phase, the engineers revise them until they pass.

If you're looking for lighting and siren products, explore our Code 3 inventory. Looking for something specific and don't see it? We can order it for you directly from Code 3. Call us at 800-800-EBEL for more information.

The 2014 N.O.V.F.A Convention Was a Huge Success!

Congratulations to our grand prize drawing winners:

  • Lewis Branson of Lindsey Fire Department: 48" FULL SIZE LIGHTBAR
  • Trenton Reynolds of Cygnet/north Baltimore: Code 3 Mini Quad Bar
  • Keven Pack of Oregon Fire Department: Step-in Gear Bag
  • Drew Book of Upper Sandusky Fire Department: Streamlight Poly Flashlight
  • Tom Parket II of Maumee Fire Department: Streamlight Survivor Flashlight
  • Jon Rausch of Florida/Flatrock Fire Department: Firemans Knife
  • Orland Cuevas of Northwood Fire Department: Personal Pepper Spray

Didn’t get the police and fire or personal security equipment you needed at the convention in June? Browse our online store for the most trusted products from expert manufacturers, including Code 3, Whelen, Streamlight, Federal Signal, ASP and more, or stop by our Northwood location. We’ll be glad to help!

D.R. Ebel to Participate in 140th Annual N.O.V.F.A. Convention

D.R. Ebel is hosting a celebration and offering special pricing on fire-related products in honor of the 140th Annual N.O.V.F.A convention to be held in Northwood, Ohio June 20-21st, 2014.

The convention kicks off on Friday with a host of activities and will culminate in a parade on Saturday afternoon.
D.R. Ebel will have a pre-parade celebration June 21st at 11 a.m. at their store, located at 3203 Woodville Road in Northwood, with music provided by Classic Hits Toledo’s Jeff Lamb and refreshments from Tom’s BBQ & Fresh Squeezed Lemonade.

The parade will begin at 1:30 p.m. at Northwood High School and end at the Great Eastern Shopping Center.
D.R. Ebel is also offering special 2-day convention pricing on their most popular fire-related products, including the Code 3 21 TR Lightbar and the Federal Signal Legend Lightbar.

Visit the D.R. Ebel store or their booth near Northwood Fire Station Number One to enter the Grand Prize giveaway contest! You could win a lightbar, a mini lightbar, flashlights, pepper sprays, fireman step-in bags, knives, and much more.

For more details about the convention and a complete schedule of events and activities, please visit

Light FAQ

Can Code 3 lightbars be equipped with an emitter?
Yes, lightbars can be ordered with an emitter. Code 3 has the ability to install a 3M Opticom or a Priority Green emitter in most lightbars.

Can I convert my SL-20, 20X, 20XP or 35X to an LED model?

Can I mount a Stinger on a weapon?
Streamlight does not currently make weapons mounts for the Stinger. We have not thoroughly tested the Stinger in weapons-mounted applications, although limited testing has shown no problems.

Can the Fire Vulcan be field modified to have a mode in which the main bulb is steadily lighted and the taillights flash?
No. This would require a factory modification of the circuit board and is not currently available.

Can you place a color lens in front of a white LED and get effective emergency warning, as with traditional lighting technologies?
No. While you can place a color lens in front of strobe and halogen light sources, white LEDs do not perform the same way. Strobe and halogen light sources produce a broad spectrum of light. A portion of that spectrum filters through the color lens to deliver red, blue, amber and even green lighting. White LEDs generate a much narrower spectrum of light. Only a small, ineffective portion of that spectrum will pass through the color filter. However, monochromatic LEDs (for example, red, blue or amber) work extremely well when matched with the same color lens, transmitting over 86 percent of their original light output.

How do I convert candlepower to lumens?
The short answer is, you can't. There is no universal method of measuring flashlight output, not even when the ratings are in the same units. A lumen rating is the total unfocused visible light output of either the bare bulb or the entire flashlight (depending on the manufacturer). A candlepower rating used by a flashlight manufacturer will usually be "peak beam" candlepower. This is a calculated value based on measuring the hot spot in the focused beam and multiplying by a number found by squaring the distance between the photocell used for the measurement and the flashlight. What this number gives is the number of "standard candles" that would need to be burning to produce the same amount of illumination as the hot spot in the beam at the same distance as the measurement is taken. Because peak beam candlepower is a measure of focused light and lumens are used to measure unfocused light, it is impossible to convert the two.



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