Code 3 PriZm LED Lightbar 2747A2

Code 3 PriZm LED Lightbar 2747A2


2747A2 ALL LED Lightbar

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The Code 3 PriZm Lightbar features PriZm II reflector technology which allows for 360⁰ of visibility, control and protection. Standing at just 2.7 inches tall, this lightbar provides tremendous light output in a low-profile, aerodynamic design.

The Code 3 PriZm Lightbar also has a central controller system that features a one-touch component for setting and changing flash patterns, a flasher and steady burn feature for takedown and alley lights, LED dimming mode and corner cruise lights, making it a snap to operate.

Variety is an added bonus with LED lightbars, and the Code 3 PriZm LED lightbar features a 12-head PriZm II LED lightbar in each of the four corners, eight 8-head front and rear PriZm II LED lightbars, and two 3-head rear center PriZm II LED lightbars to create a variety of flash patterns. The Code 3 PriZm Lightbar also features LED Takedown & Alley Lights. 5 year warranty on LEDs.
• Built-in ArrowStik function on designated models

• Vehicle specific mounting bracket

• Easy to install LIT3 mounting platform


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Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 52 in
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