651 LED Beacon Amber W/ Permanent 1 inch Pipe mount



A Durable and Capable LED Beacon Light
The Model 651 LED beacon is designed to serve as a trusted partner in safety and visibility for workers spanning countless industries. These lights have an “open-style” aluminum base designed to accommodate a diverse range of applications including on tow trucks, snow plows, utility vehicles, construction vehicles, and more.

Superior Optical Efficiency
Thanks to a heavy-duty polycarbonate Fresnel dome lens, this beacon light optically directs all light at the most efficient angles to assure superior LED lighting performance, regardless of conditions. These lights are designed to provide optimal performance time and time again while standing up to the rigors of your line of work. The Model 651 LED beacon’s corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum base and rugged polycarbonate dome are engineered to ensure extended service life and dependable performance despite the most punishing working conditions.

Low-Amp Draw Minimizes Demands on Vehicle Electrical Systems
For those looking to choose a lighting solution that won’t drain their battery, the Model 651 LED beacon is a practical choice. It can provide a superior level of lighting warning performance while only requiring a single Amp for efficient operation. We are so confident in their ability to perform that they are backed by Federal Signal’s five-year warranty.

Open-style aluminum base
Low- and high-profile models available
Polycarbonate Fresnel dome
Low-Amp draw
Five-year LED warranty

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5 in