Able 2 / Sho-Me

Able 2 Products Company has produced lights and sirens for police, fire and emergency responders under the SHO-ME® brand since 1972. Their products can also be used for service vehicles, such as tow trucks and plows. Able 2 Products Company began with two employees and two products, and today they manufacture more than 300 different products worldwide through distributors like us.

D.R. Ebel carries a variety of Able 2 / SHO-ME switches and lightbars, including their 18” Luminator LED Mini Lightbar, which is available exclusively through us.

Other Able 2 / SHO-ME products we carry include:

  • SHO-ME 4-outlet, 60w Hide-a-Flash Strobe Kit
  • Able 2 47” Stretch LED Lightbar
  • Able 2 Headlight Flasher
  • Able 2 27” Intermediate LED Lightbar
  • Able 2 Magnetic LED Mini Light Bar
  • Able 2 On/Off and Momentary Switch
  • Able 2 Permanent LED Mini Lightbar
  • Able 2 Replacement Strobe Tube
  • SHO-ME Four Function Switch Boxes Standard Duty
  • SHO-ME Four Function Switch Boxes Super Duty
  • SHO-ME 31” LED Signal Stick
  • SHO-ME Megaphone with Siren
  • SHO-ME Stealth LED Lightbar
  • SHO-ME Undercover Siren w/ Remote Mini Controller

We offer competitive pricing on our Able 2 / SHO-ME products, as well as professional installation and repair of all our Able 2 / SHO-ME products, including lightbars, strobes, switches and more.

If you live or work in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, contact us about installing Able 2 / SHO-ME products in your personal and public safety and service vehicles today.