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Trusted Manufacturer: Code 3

When it comes to lightbars and sirens, no other manufacturer has more options for your police, fire or EMS vehicles than Code 3. Code 3 lightbars and sirens are also commonly used in the governmental, DOT and construction industries to increase motorist awareness and keep personnel safe. We're proud to carry Code 3 products because the company is dedicated to innovation. Their equipment designers immerse themselves in real-world situations on ride-alongs, and they conduct interviews with duty officers. The engineers use [...]

The 2014 N.O.V.F.A Convention Was a Huge Success!

Congratulations to our grand prize drawing winners: Lewis Branson of Lindsey Fire Department: 48" FULL SIZE LIGHTBAR Trenton Reynolds of Cygnet/north Baltimore: Code 3 Mini Quad Bar Keven Pack of Oregon Fire Department: Step-in Gear Bag Drew Book of Upper Sandusky Fire Department: Streamlight Poly Flashlight Tom Parket II of Maumee Fire Department: Streamlight Survivor Flashlight Jon Rausch of Florida/Flatrock Fire Department: Firemans Knife Orland Cuevas of Northwood Fire Department: Personal Pepper Spray Didn’t get the police and fire or [...]

D.R. Ebel to Participate in 140th Annual N.O.V.F.A. Convention

D.R. Ebel is hosting a celebration and offering special pricing on fire-related products in honor of the 140th Annual N.O.V.F.A convention to be held in Northwood, Ohio June 20-21st, 2014. The convention kicks off on Friday with a host of activities and will culminate in a parade on Saturday afternoon. D.R. Ebel will have a pre-parade celebration June 21st at 11 a.m. at their store, located at 3203 Woodville Road in Northwood, with music provided by Classic Hits Toledo’s Jeff Lamb [...]

Lightbar FAQ

Can Code 3 lightbars be equipped with an emitter? Yes, lightbars can be ordered with an emitter. Code 3 has the ability to install a 3M Opticom or a Priority Green emitter in most lightbars. Can I convert my SL-20, 20X, 20XP or 35X to an LED model? No Can I mount a Stinger on a weapon? Streamlight does not currently make weapons mounts for the Stinger. We have not thoroughly tested the Stinger in weapons-mounted applications, although limited testing has shown no problems. Can [...]

Flash Light FAQ

Can I use rechargeable batteries with LED lights? Streamlight does not support the use of batteries other than those specifically listed in the instructions. Normally, the lamps and current regulators are designed for a specific type of battery; using other batteries often results in poor performance -- either low output or extremely short lamp life, depending on the battery types involved. Can I use rechargeable CR123 batteries in any of the Streamlight flashlights? No. Streamlight products are optimized for a specific battery [...]

Controller FAQ

Can the SmartSiren control head and the SS2000 Touch Screen software be used at the same time? The control head and the touch-screen program can be used together to operate the SmartSiren system. The interface module included with the SS2000 Touch Screen Kit alternates control between the touch-screen software and the control head. If the software is not maximized on the laptop screen, the control head operates the SmartSiren system. When the software is maximized on the laptop screen, then [...]

Charger FAQ

Can I charge a Strion with my Stinger charger holder? No. The Stinger and the Strion are different sizes and their battery chemistries and charging systems are completely different. Can I use the same charge cord for different chargers? Generally, yes. Streamlight charge cords use a common connector. The exception to this is the Ultrastinger fast charge systems that must use either vehicle 12V DC or the heavy duty AC charge cord, which is supplied with the system. Does the SL20XP/LED take a [...]

Siren FAQ

Can I use only one microphone for both my siren PA and the vehicle radio? Yes, Federal Signal offers common microphone adapters for three siren models -- Touchmaster, Omega and SmartSiren -- that allow the operator to use one microphone for both radio and siren functions. What is "horn-ring scroll"? It is the ability to scroll through siren tones using the horn ring. What is "horn-ring transfer?" It is a relay device that automatically transfers the control of a siren tone to hands-on control [...]

Code 3

From lighting and sirens to speakers and beacons, Code 3 is the premier manufacturer of emergency response accessories for law enforcement, emergency response and towing and recovery applications. Code 3 specialty products include TriCore, PriZm II LED Reflector, Code 3 Optix and LEDX Lightbar Modules. Code 3’s TriCore lightbar is 2 x’s brighter than any other warning light on the market today. Even at off angels, visibility is clear and bright. The innovative modular design of the Code 3 TriCore [...]