Charger FAQ

Charger FAQ

Can I charge a Strion with my Stinger charger holder?
No. The Stinger and the Strion are different sizes and their battery chemistries and charging systems are completely different.

Can I use the same charge cord for different chargers?
Generally, yes. Streamlight charge cords use a common connector. The exception to this is the Ultrastinger fast charge systems that must use either vehicle 12V DC or the heavy duty AC charge cord, which is supplied with the system.

Does the SL20XP/LED take a different charger than the standard SL20XP? I have two new lights that I can’t get to charge. Suggestions?
The SL20XP/LEDs originally were shipped with a gray charger, and that is the only charger that will work. The gray charger has an LED charge indicator, since there are no LEDs on the switch housing. The flashlight’s switch housing is made of black opaque plastic. The current version uses the old (black) charger. The new ones have a translucent dark red switch housing that glows when in the charger. These work with either the gray or black chargers and are shipped with black chargers.

How can I tell when my flashlight is fully charged?
Follow the guidelines in the instruction booklet included with the flashlight. Some products have a red and green light combination (Litebox, Vulcan). In that case, green indicates a charged condition. Flashing red LED’s on the Stinger (fast) and Strion chargers indicate a charged condition.

I have the steady charger. Will the fast charger shorten the life of my battery?
No. Batteries have an expected number of charge/discharge cycles (the number varies by the type of battery). Streamlight fast chargers safely revert to a maintenance charge rate after the battery has been charged.

The red light on my steady charger does not light. What could cause this?
First, see if there is power to the charger itself. Second, check to be sure that the flashlight is properly inserted into the charging system. If the red light still does not light, the flashlight and charger should be returned for repair.

What causes the red LED on the Strion charger to flicker?
As the battery approaches a fully charged state, it is normal for the charger LED to alternate between lighting steadily and blinking. This process may take as long as 15 minutes to one half hour and does not indicate a charging problem.

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