American Cops Turned Into Walking Cameras by Dynamic New Technology.

It looks like the shoulder mic most police already wear, but a hidden camera captures crime as it happens.

Spanish Fork, Utah – Dec 2, 2008– Across the country 400 departments have purchased and 100 more are testing a new, award winning law enforcement technology called the VIDMIC. Being sold nationwide by a Utah based company, EHS, Inc., the VIDMIC is a fully operational shoulder mic which houses a color digital video recorder, still photo camera, and digital audio recorder.

The high-tech data acquisition system goes everywhere the police officer wearing it goes and records important information at anytime. The revolutionary device provides an eye witness to every event an officer is involved in; an eye witness whose testimony is absolutely reliable.

Video evidence is currently being collected by many police departments via in-car video recorders. Video has been shown to increase the likelihood of successful prosecution while protecting officers and agencies from false allegations and frivolous law suits. At the same time, video enhances officer safety, training, performance, and professionalism.

But in-car video can’t go with the officer up to the door, inside the apartment, into the backyard, or down a narrow alley. It can’t prove the officer had permission to search a house, did, in fact, Mirandize a suspect, and did not make sexually inappropriate advances. The VIDMIC can.

While some question the “Big Brother” aspects of such pervasive police surveillance, most citizen’s see the benefits to police work as outweighing any privacy issues.

The VIDMIC was recognized as the most innovative communications product of 2007 at the annual International Chiefs of Police convention.

The VIDMIC was also awarded the Global Sources Electronics Design Award presented at the 2007 China Electronics Fair; one of the world’s largest electronics trade shows.

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