Whelen Replacement Bulbs

Whelen Replacement Bulbs

Lightbars are an essential piece of equipment for police cars, tow trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, security patrol vehicles and more. Whelen lightbars are a popular choice.  These lightbars are used to alert the public that an emergency vehicle is in the area. The lights rotate or flash in a pattern to help make the vehicle more visible to others on the road.

Lightbars are composed of several small light bulbs, and like the bulbs in any household lamp, they burn out over time. And even a Whelen lightbar’s output suffers when bulbs burn out.

A burnt out light bulb, or worse, multiple burnt out bulbs, limits the amount of light a lightbar can put out. Less light means less visibility and the possibility for injuries, both minor and serious.

Since light bars are no good without working bulbs, and it would be really expensive to purchase a whole new lightbar unit every time a light goes out, D.R. Ebel carries a wide inventory of Whelen replacement bulbs.

Some of our Whelen replacement bulbs are specific to one lightbar model, but others will work on multiple models.

The snap in halogen bulbs in 27 and 35 watt are just two of the Whelen replacement bulbs we carry. Halogen bulbs are filled with highly reactive gases that react with the tungsten filament which, in a halogen bulb, is contained in a quartz envelope. (If the envelope were made from glass, it would melt due to the extreme temperatures.) The gases combine with the vapor produced by the tungsten filament, redepositing them on the filament in a kind of recycling process that helps prolong the life of the filament making halogen bulbs last twice as long as incandescent bulbs. The 27 watt halogen Whelen replacement bulb is suited for the AdvantEdge+ Plus and the Edge+Plus lightbars.

Incandescent light bulbs are composed of a coiled tungsten filament. That’s the part that glows when it’s turned on. Connecting wires, appropriately named, connect the filament to the electrical contacts (the metal base of the bulb that’s connected to the electrical contacts of the lamp when the bulb is in the lamp).  The glass bit is known as the glass envelope, and it protects the filament, contains the inert gases which keep the filament from burning up, and harbors the glass fuse enclosure which insulates the bulb’s fuses. Incandescent bulbs have a life span of about 1000 hours. The twist lock brake bulb is one of the incandescent Whelen replacement bulbs we carry.

A strobe light emits bursts of light by shooting an intense electric pulse through a gas, which produces a bright white light. The anode is a positively charged end cap that draws electricity from the cathode, a negatively charged end cap. The tube between the anode and the cathode is made of glass and filled with xenon, an inert gas. It coverts electrical energy into light. The trigger wire, wrapped around the tube, and when a current travels along the wire, the energy ionizes the xenon gas in the tube, making it conductive so it can support the flash. All this activity happens in milliseconds. Many of the Whelen replacement bulbs we carry are strobe bulbs, including the twin side strobe.

D.R. Ebel is a certified supplier, installer and repairer of lightbars of all types and purposes of use, including the Whelen lightbar line. D.R.Ebel also stocks Whelen replacement bulbs.

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