Siren FAQ

Siren FAQ

Can I use only one microphone for both my siren PA and the vehicle radio?
Yes, Federal Signal offers common microphone adapters for three siren models — Touchmaster, Omega and SmartSiren — that allow the operator to use one microphone for both radio and siren functions.

What is “horn-ring scroll”?
It is the ability to scroll through siren tones using the horn ring.

What is “horn-ring transfer?”
It is a relay device that automatically transfers the control of a siren tone to hands-on control in the steering-wheel horn ring when the siren is activated.

What is “Hyperyelp?”
It is a Code 3¨ siren tone — essentially, the rapid repeat of the yelp tone.

What is “instant on?”
It is a siren feature that allows power up without an on/off switch; selecting any siren function or keying the microphone activates the siren.

What is “InterClear?”
It is a user actuated timed-circuit option that changes the tones of the siren and the pattern of the light signals as the vehicle approaches an intersection, then returns the siren to normal operation after a pre-set interval.

What is “park kill?”
This automatically turns off the siren when the vehicle is shifted into park. The siren can be activated by switch movement or by keying the microphone.

What is “SirenLock?”
This prevents the use of the siren unless the warning lights are on. This is also effective for actuating the siren automatically when the lights are activated.

What is output short-circuit protection?
This is a feature that shuts the siren down in the event of a speaker-system short circuit. Once the short is repaired, the siren returns to normal operation.

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