Law Enforcement Equipment

Law Enforcement Equipment

Law enforcement equipment helps keep law enforcement professionals like police officers, peace officers, security officers, park rangers, personal protection professionals, SWAT team members and private detectives safe while they protect their communities. D.R. Ebel stocks law enforcement equipment for a variety of needs and applications from vehicle lighting and accessories to body armor and duty gear.

Law enforcement as a profession dates back thousands of years ago to ancient China where “prefects” were responsible for maintaining order and peace in their kingdoms. The American concept of policing was adapted from the modern British model. In the early days of the United States, elected officials provided policing and security. The first Sherriff’s office was found in New York in 1626, and nearly 200 years later, the first city police services were established in Richmond, Virginia in 1807.

In the early days of law enforcement, mostly non-leathal weapons were used to monitor the peace, and in the 1950’s, law enforcement equipment mostly consisted of a small handgun, a shoulder, belt or ankle holster and a baton. As law enforcement equipment evolved, automatic pistols became more popular and duty belts emerged.

The duty belts in the D.R. Ebel inventory include the Safariland Duty Belt 875, Uncle Mike’s Duty Belt and Uncle Mike’s MIRAGE Duty Belt, as well as magazine holders and belt keepers used to affix handcuffs, pepper spray, a taser, a radio transmitter, retractable baton and other duty accessories to the belt. And that’s just what they carry on their person.

Police officers also carry law enforcement equipment in their squad cars. In the average patrol car, one might find extra weapons, a computer, an emergency medical kit, a clipboard or report holder and traffic control devices, all of which are available from D.R. Ebel.

Perhaps the most important piece of law enforcement equipment is body armor, which many law enforcement professionals wear for protection from gun fire and knife attacks. Halo is D.R.Ebel’s premier body armor line. When worn with the Evolution carrier, the Halo armor provides superior comfort and protection. Featuring 8 points of adjustment with standard full wrap side coverage, the HALO line is available in both male and structured female models. The Evolution Carrier features double front plate pockets which hold 5” by 8” and 7” by 10” inserts, and an interior suspension system stabilizes the ballistic pad. D.R. Ebel also carries new lightweight pliable body armor from the Seraph Ballistic System.

D.R. Ebel also stocks items which fit into the law enforcement category, including gloves, badges, directional traffic devices, computer mounts, equipment bags, flashlights, lightbars, microphones, sirens, strobe systems, but are used in a variety of other professions, such as emergency medical support and volunteer fire response.

Finding law enforcement equipment for your department shouldn’t be a chore. D.R. Ebel makes it easy to locate just what you need and conveniently place your order online. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for at, just give us a call at 1-800-800-EBEL (3235), and we’ll track it down for you.

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