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Code 3 XT4 & XT6 Light Head

If you like the Code 3 XT3 light head and you thought that was a bright light, you have to see what is new. Code 3 has just introduced the new XT4 and XT6 LED light heads in 4 and 6 head design. Now you can have one color or two colors in one head for maximum visibility. Colors are available in solid Red, White, Blue and Amber or you can combine two colors to have Red/Blue, Red/White, Red/Amber, [...]

Code 3 Hide-A-Blast

Introducing the all new Code 3 Hide-A-Blast LED light heads for undercover or auxiliary lighting in head and tail lights. These new LED’s take the place of the old-fashioned four corner strobes. These new 9 LED lights have a very low amp draw and are far more brighter than the old-fashioned strobe and they carry a 5 year warranty. Available in Red, White, Blue and Amber.

Able 2 Sho-Me Mini Lightbars

If you are looking for a mini lightbar we have exactly what you want. We are proud to announce we carry the full line of Able 2 SHO-ME mini light bars. These outstanding LED light bars come in 18”, 27” and if you need a full size 47” design. These bars can be seen from any angle giving 360 degree visibility. In the 18” and 27” you can have permanent or magnetic mounts and the 47” is vehicle specific [...]