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Able 2

Able 2 produces warning lights, sirens, speakers, accessories, flashers, megaphones, rechargeable lights, spots and floods, strobe parts, switch boxes, switches, lights and sirens under the SHO-ME brand name. Rapid Intervention teams will appreciate the new X-IT Lite model 10.1000 from Able 2 products. This 360 LED beacon marks building floor and room exits and features a built-in wall siren to signal evacuation. On just one charge this Able 2 SHO-ME product will operate continuously for up to 8 hours. Able [...]

Computer Mount

For law enforcement and emergency response vehicles, computer mounts are essential. Computer mounts can also be used in personal vehicles, especially for those people who travel often and frequently need access to a computer. Using a laptop in a vehicle can cause back strain, neck strain and eye strain. Also, when the laptop rests on a pliable surface, like a lap, for too long, the machine can overheat and the user could lose critical data or have to make repairs [...]

Code 3 Lightbar

Law enforcement and medical first response vehicles frequently maneuver at high speeds. To minimize danger to the vehicle’s operators and other drivers on the road, the vehicles in these industries are equipped with lightbars. A Code 3 lightbar is one lightbar such vehicles might be equipped with. Depending on the vehicle’s primary usage, it may also be outfitted with beacon lights, mini lightbars, dash flashers, a visor sign, wingsmirror flashers, griller flashers, “wig-wag” headlights and LED reflectors, as well as [...]

Laptop Mount

In today’s technological age, many people rely on computers to do their jobs, keep records and more. And when you’re in your vehicle, it can be challenging to work on your laptop while it’s perched in your lap. Not only does that position cause strain on the wrists, neck, back and shoulders, it’s also not good for the computer. The fan doesn’t circulate air as well while the computer is on your lap as it does when the laptop [...]

Law Enforcement Equipment

Law enforcement equipment helps keep law enforcement professionals like police officers, peace officers, security officers, park rangers, personal protection professionals, SWAT team members and private detectives safe while they protect their communities. D.R. Ebel stocks law enforcement equipment for a variety of needs and applications from vehicle lighting and accessories to body armor and duty gear. Law enforcement as a profession dates back thousands of years ago to ancient China where “prefects” were responsible for maintaining order and peace in [...]

Whelen Lightbar

Lightbars are an essential piece of equipment for law enforcement and emergency medical response vehicles. A Whelen Lightbar is one such lightbar these police, fire and emergency medical service vehicles might have installed. The Whelen Engineering Company designs, develops, and markets audio and visual signaling devices primarily for fire and rescue, law enforcement, security, and military clients. Emergency lighting, like a Whelen lightbar, is primarily used to alert other motorists that an emergency vehicle is in the area and potentially travelling [...]


SHO-ME offers a variety of options for illuminating the dark. For suspect pursuit, SHO-ME portable spot lights of hand-held high intensity spotlights add to the light arc provided by a traditional light bar. For emergency response vehicles, SHO-ME Emergency Scene lights offer 170 degree vertical and 360 degree horizontal pivot. These emergency scene lights are available in incandescent and halogen models with permanent or magnetic mount options. Utility Work Lights from the SHO-ME line are perfect for occasional use as they [...]

Dash LED’s

Covert and undercover vehicles need to keep a low-profile, but in emergency situations, they need to have the ability to warn other motorists that potentially dangerous activity is happening in their vicinity. Traditional roof-mounted light bars are not conducive to maintain the low-profile necessary to keep cover intact, but low profile dash LED’s allow the vehicle to remain inconspicuous, but deliver warnings when necessary. Dash LED’s are a great way for covert and undercover vehicles to maintain anonymity while providing [...]

Duty Belts

Police officers and emergency medical responders require a lot of equipment to do their jobs effectively, and that’s where duty belts and duty belt accessories come in handy. D.R. Ebel stocks a variety of duty belts including two models from Uncle Mike’s duty belt line. The standard model features 2” double-layered nylon with padded edges. Since these belts are meant to secure duty gear like a nightstick, pepper spray, hand cuffs and more, this duty belt also features an interior [...]

Whelen Replacement Bulbs

Lightbars are an essential piece of equipment for police cars, tow trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, security patrol vehicles and more. Whelen lightbars are a popular choice.  These lightbars are used to alert the public that an emergency vehicle is in the area. The lights rotate or flash in a pattern to help make the vehicle more visible to others on the road. Lightbars are composed of several small light bulbs, and like the bulbs in any household lamp, they burn [...]