Computer Mount

Computer Mount

For law enforcement and emergency response vehicles, computer mounts are essential. Computer mounts can also be used in personal vehicles, especially for those people who travel often and frequently need access to a computer.

Using a laptop in a vehicle can cause back strain, neck strain and eye strain. Also, when the laptop rests on a pliable surface, like a lap, for too long, the machine can overheat and the user could lose critical data or have to make repairs to the hardware.

Computer mount systems not only make the use of a computer in a vehicle easier on the user, the flat, hard surface of the computer mount allows for proper air circulation which is better for the machine.

D.R. Ebel carries computer mounts to fit a variety of vehicles including RV’s, GMC, Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet. The computer mount systems can be used in the law enforcement or emergency medical response industries, however, computer mounts are also suitable for personal, corporate and municipal use. For example, a city utility department could outfit each city vehicle with a computer mount system so records can be updated from the job site.

The design of the computer mount system allows for the end user to sit comfortably in either the driver or the passenger seat of the vehicle. The user can also work standing outside the passenger door as the computer mount system is installed to the passenger seat rails. The stand height of the computer mount system is adjustable and the stand can be removed from the No Holes base in just a few seconds when it’s not needed. Alternatively, the computer mount system allows for the computer screen to be stored up against the dash when the computer is not in use.

Rvers can also work comfortably on a notebook computer with a Jotto Desk laptop computer mount system from D.R. Ebel. This computer mount system utilizes a cable-dock securing system in which two nylon-coated steel cables wrap up and over the keyboard. It also features an articulated swing arm so the computer can be maneuvered into a comfortable operating position. The Jotto Desk Laptop computer mount secures to the floorboard of the RV using self-tapping screws. No pr-drilling is required, and installing this computer mount is a do-it-yourself job. The stand height is fully adjustable, and when the Jott Desk Laptop computer mount is not in use, the stand can be removed from the universal floor base in only a few seconds.

These computer mounts are suitable for a variety of laptops computers from thin and sleek laptops to rugged toughbooks. D.R. Ebel offers professional installation and repair for all computer mount systems in commercial, municipal and personal vehicles.

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