ASP is one of the most trusted manufacturers of police protection equipment, including batons, flashlights, and personal defenders. Since their founding in 1976, ASP has grown to become a global provider of police and military tactical defense weapons. With a focus on innovation, functionality and service, ASP has developed patented products that deliver “real-world solutions.” ASP gives back, too, by supplying more than $2 million dollars in training and equipment to the police and civil defense industries every year.

D.R. Ebel proudly carries several items from the ASP product catalog.

Law enforcement officers often use non-lethal weapons to protect the public and defend themselves in a conflict. ASP batons are the most tactically sophisticated impact weapons currently available.

ASP batons are crafted from quality materials and honed to exact specifications to deliver maximum functionality with minimum force. The A02 Asp Airweight baton, for example, is 45% lighter than similar steel batons because it has an aluminum core, and even though it’s lighter, it still delivers 98% of the striking force of its heavier counterparts. And, because the ASP Airweight is lighter, the end-user can wield it more efficiently, shortening the bridge between strikes.

Other ASP batons perform in similar fashion. The ASP chrome-finished batons offer increased visibility and accuracy in low-light conditions. ASP batons with a black chrome finish are corrosion-resistant.

D.R. Ebel carries a variety of ASP batons in 16” and 21” lengths, including:

  • 16” ASP Black Law Enforcement Baton
  • 16” ASP Chrome Tactical Baton
  • 16” ASP Airweight Tactical Baton
  • 21” ASP Airweight Tactical Baton
  • 21” ASP Black Tactical Baton
  • 21” ASP Chrome Tactical Baton

We also carry several ASP baton accessories for easy baton carrying and retrieval. The ASP Sidebreak Scabbards are manufactured with the polymer technology of the finest firearms to withstand daily use better than traditional leather baton carry pouches. ASP Sidebreak Scabbards can also be easily attached to and removed from a duty belt without undoing the belt. And, while they prevent retracted batons from being shaken open in the event of a chase or a scuffle, the ASP Sidebreak Scabbards allow for quick and easy access to and release of the baton to its full length.

D. R. Ebel’s ASP Sidebreak Scabbard line features three models:

  • 16” ASP Basketweave Sidebreak Scabbard
  • 16” ASP Plain Sidebreak Scabbard
  • 21″ ASP Basketweave Sidebreak Scabbard

Ask your D.R. Ebel representative for more information about our ASP collection, or stop by our store in Northwest Ohio for a demonstration of their superior performance equipment.