Federal Signal

The louder and brighter you are, the safer you are. Federal Signal’s products make sure you’re as loud and as bright as you can be.

Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, Federal Signal has been providing top-notch lighting and siren systems for police, fire, EMS and public safety personnel since 1901.

D.R. Ebel carries several Federal Signal products, including the popular Federal Signal Rumbler Siren, which provides low-frequency tones that penetrate and vibrate solid materials such as vehicles and sidewalks, to make your presence heard and felt.

It’s that kind of innovative technology that makes Federal Signal products so valuable in the field.

Other Federal Signal products we carry include:

  • Federal Signal Dynamax ES100 Speaker
  • Federal Signal Interior/Exterior LED
  • Federal Signal PA 640 Light & Siren Control
  • Federal Signal PA300 Siren
  • Federal Signal LED Mini Lightbar

We offer complete installation and repair on all of our Federal Signal lightbars and sirens to customers in the Northwest Ohio, Western Indiana, and Southeast Michigan regions.

If you’re looking for a specific Federal Signal product you don’t see listed in our gallery, call 800-800-EBEL or contact us via email. We’ll help you find exactly what you need to get your job done safely.