Jotto Desk

Jotto Desk products bring mobile technology to a whole new level. Since 1995, Jotto Desk has specialized in ergonomic, easy-to-use police and safety vehicle laptop desks, docking stations, and mounting equipment for mobile computing. Jotto Desk products can be installed in most vehicle makes and models, and are compatible with most computer models, including PCs and Macs.

Smartphone technology has improved our ability to work remotely, but sometimes, there’s no substitute for a computer. Police, fire, and EMS professionals frequently need to run reports, mapping programs, and other systems they can only run on a fully equipped computer. Jotto Desk equipment makes it possible to install the necessary computer equipment for police, fire and emergency vehicles.

Jotto Desk products also make it possible for construction foremen, real estate agents, long-haul truckers, and sales professionals to have a mobile office in their service vehicles. Jotto Desk even offers a computer mount for RVs.

Your D.R. Ebel representative can help you determine which Jotto Desk equipment will best suit your mobile computing needs.

Choose from our in-stock Jotto Desk equipment, including:

  • Jotto Desk “No Holes” Computer Mount for Dodge
  • Jotto Desk “No Holes” Computer Mount for Ford
  • Jotto Desk “No Holes” Computer Mount for GMC/Chevy
  • Jotto Desk “No Holes” Computer Mount for SUV/VAN/CAR
  • Jotto Desk 12” Medium Console Crown Vic
  • Jotto Desk 9” Short Stack Console Crown Vic
  • Jotto Desk Charger Contour Console
  • Jotto Desk Crown Vic Contour Console
  • Jotto Desk Explorer Contour Console
  • Jotto Desk Impala Contour Console
  • Jotto Desk Laptop Mount Panasonic Toughbook Kodiak Dock Station
  • Jotto Desk Standard Console w/Smooth Glide Computer Mount

We also carry a Molded Hard Seat Organizer and a PATRIOT Center Slider Poly Carbonate Partition, both manufactured by Jotto Desk.

These are just a few of the products D.R. Ebel offers from Jotto Desk, so if you need to outfit a different vehicle or you have unique requirements, let us know. Our product specialists will find exactly what you need and order it directly from Jotto Desk.

If you’re in the Ohio, Michigan and Indiana area, we’ll even install your chosen Jotto Desk products for you. Just bring the computer unit you’ll be mounting with you so we can test and install it properly.