Star Headlight & Lantern Company

Star Headlight & Lantern Company is a leading manufacturer of lighting products for the rail, amber, and emergency lighting industries. They’re also the machine behind Star Signal Vehicle Products, such as red and blue police lighting, amber construction lights, and emergency and safety vehicle lighting.

Located in Avon, New York, Star has been in business since 1889. Today, they are nationally renowned for producing excellent lighting products. Star Headlight & Lantern Company is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

D.R. Ebel Star products, including:

  • Star Mount for Dash Lights
  • Star Phantom Undercover 42” LED Lightbar
  • Star Strobe Beacon Light

The Star Mount for Dash Lights features a removable bracket and silicon tabs for easy installation and removal. At less than an inch high with 35 flash patterns, the Star Phantom Undercover 42” LED Lightbar is the brightest, lowest-profile lightbar on the market, ideal for undercover and unmarked law enforcement vehicles. Ant the Star Strobe Beacon is only 4 and ¼ inches tall and features a quad flash pattern. The magnetic mount makes it easy to remove when not in use.

D. R. Ebel is continually expanding our selection of Star Headlight & Lantern Company products, so if you’re looking for an item we don’t currently stock, let us know. We’ll happily accommodate any special orders.

If you live or work in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, contact us about installing Star Headlight & Lantern Products in your personal and public safety and service vehicles today.